The next big event in Destiny 2 is nearly here. Bungie has confirmed that the game’s limited-time Iron Banner Crucible event returns on October 10, making its first appearance in the sequel. While the name is the same, there’s actually quite a bit that’s changed from the previous game’s version of Iron Banner. Below, we’ve outlined what’s different, how to unlock Iron Banner access, and what kind of gear and rewards you can earn by taking part.

How To Access Iron Banner

To participate in Iron Banner, you need to visit Lord Saladin in the Tower. That task itself requires that you complete the campaign, as the Tower is inaccessible until you’ve done so. Once you’ve spoken with Saladin, Iron Banner is entered through its own Crucible playlist, which features Quickplay modes and matchmaking. You can join with a Fireteam or dive in solo.

When It Starts

Destiny 2’s first Iron Banner begins on October 10 at 2 AM PT / 5 AM ET, as part of the weekly reset. It will run for the entire week, ending with the following weekly reset on October 17. This isn’t the only major thing opening up on October 10, as that’s the day the Prestige mode version of the Leviathan Raid unlocks.

What’s New

As with all Crucible modes, Iron Banner matches are now 4v4, rather than 6v6 in the original Destiny. But the biggest change is that Iron Banner is now entirely about skill; Power levels are not taken into account, as Light levels were previously. “Your fighting abilities, not your power levels, will decide the outcome,” Bungie says. Additionally, rather than completing bounties and ranking up, there are new Iron Banner Engrams that you’ll earn for participating.

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