Sony has teamed up with Capital One to bring gamers the PlayStation Credit Card. The PlayStation Credit Card is designed to work to the benefit of PlayStation owners by offering a bunch of Playstation specific rewards.

How specific are the rewards? Well, to start with you get a $50 gift card for the PlayStation Store when you get approved for the card.

The card will be offering five times the points (100 points is $1 in Sony Rewards) on specific purchases: Using the card in the PlayStation Store, purchasing Sony products from authorized retailers (form must be filled out. Additionally, cardholders will receive three times the points when the PlayStation Credit Card is used to pay a mobile phone bill and 1x the points on daily purchases.

In a way, this is the card’s version of ‘cash back’ except you get points for Sony’s Rewards instead of cash.

That’s not all though, once you spend $3,000 with the card you get 50% off a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership, which sounds like a good deal until you do the math and discover that getting $30 off a year’s subscription is equivalent to 1% cash back on $3,000 – the regular Capital One card offers 1.5% cash back.

On top of all that, you get 10% off PlayStation Vue, Music and Now.

There is no annual fee and APR is set to 0% until March 2018. After that, it jumps to 14.99% to 24.99, depending on your credit.

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